Mary Jennings Comes Alive with “Matriarch”

Written to a foot-stomping, hand-clapping beat, “Matriarch” by Mary Jennings, is the feminist motherhood anthem we didn’t know we needed. Mary Jennings is a singer-songwriter and musician with a knack for storytelling and a powerful voice that oozes emotion and confidence. Having been born into a musical family, Mary has had an affair with music since she was quite young and now uses her talents as not only a way to express herself but also as a form of therapy. Mary’s expression of raw emotion in her melodies and lyrics, make her easily relatable and charismatic. 

The single “Matriarch” is a high-stakes, foot-stomping battle cry for all mothers. The song is centered around lineage and power passed down through women, and the newfound strength that comes with being a mother. “Matriarch” flourishes on a theme of give and take and the idea of cyclical life, “I gave you life” the lyrics state, “you brought back mine”. With resounding drums and uplifting harmonies, this single is truly an innovative way to view the idea of motherhood.


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