Kaitlyn Myers Reveals Vibrant New Single “Happy Pills”

Kaitlyn Myers’ “Happy Pills” is a Motown, soul inspired song about addiction as a means of escape from harsh reality and whether you can relate to the message or not, Kaitlyn’s smooth voice and infectious instrumental will make you want to listen to the song over and over again. Kaitlyn Myers is a Philadelphia based, independent singer-songwriter, with a passion for music, mental health and social justice. Her debut EP ‘Chasing Dopamine’ touches on her challenges with anxiety and depersonalization, while her most recent single ‘Star Spangled Revolution’, talks about the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement within the United States. Throughout the past year, Kaitlyn has achieved a large following on Tik Tok and released a music video for the song “Technicolor” off of her debut EP.

“Happy Pills” is the second piece off of Kaitlyn’s debut EP and stands at almost three minutes long. The song has lots of sound FX elements that are used as instruments such as the squeaking of sneakers on the ground, the knocking of a door, and the jangle of pills in a pill container. The piano chords and melody are upbeat and almost cheerful, however, the lyrics are much darker upon inspection. The narrator flips back and forth between happiness and sadness. When the narrator takes her happy pills she feels calm and blissful but when she comes down from her high, she is consumed once again in the meaningless of life. 

After listening to “Happy Pills” we can’t wait to see what else Kaitlyn has in store for 2021!


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