John Taglieri Reveals the Stunning “Talking To Myself Out Loud”

A comeback unlike all others, John Taglieri is back with a single and video for “Talking To Myself Out Loud.” After being told he’d never sing again due to vocal cord damage, Taglieri took five years off from releasing music to learn how to use his new voice. As a singer, I can’t even imagine the devastation he must’ve gone through and the insecurities of relearning how to be his own artist, use his talent, sing the songs inside of him. 

This single is unlike any other song Taglieri has ever released. And with fourteen releases and twenty-one years of being a professional musician under his belt, that’s really saying something. Going from every type of rock imaginable—hopping between country rock to hard rock to melodic hard rock, this is something much more mellow and pure.

This single and accompanying video are so vulnerable and I really respect that. After being gone for five years, Taglieri really lets us in with the main chorus: “I’ve been lying / I’ve been trying / I’ve been hiding / Talking to myself out loud.” I absolutely love the purity in Taglieri’s vocals. It feels like he’s in the room singing right next to you; you can feel the honesty and truthfulness in his words. The lyrics are very relatable to anyone who’s got goals and things to do, but has trouble getting themselves to actually work for it. Everyone has had that realization of “You tell me time has been a thief to you / It’s stolen all your dreams / But now there’s only you to blame” and it hits deep. 

The orchestration also helps to emphasize the shaken vulnerability of the lyrics, starting off with the literal shaky, vibrato-esque, muted chords. There’s so much space to fill that the synth sounds strained, like it’s holding back, so when the fullness of the acoustic guitar comes in, you sigh a breath of relief. This song really plays with space and silence in such a fun way. In some of Taglieri’s earlier albums, you wouldn’t ever hear a moment of pure silence in any of his songs—just constant drums, guitars, bass, and vocals pounding away for the entire song—but this shows growth. He’s grown as a musician, grown as a person, as he’s become a father in his personal life I’m sure he’s learned to value the sound of silence and incorporates moments of peacefulness where the listener’s ears can breathe throughout. 

Overall, I love the song. I think the lyrics are brave and something anyone can relate to. The vocals are obviously beautiful, as Taglieri’s voice sounds like a finely-aged scotch. In regards to the music video, it’s clear Taglieri doesn’t need a whole big production to showcase his talent. The vulnerability of him talking to himself in the mirror, watching old footage of himself, literally lecturing himself is so relatable. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another five years for Taglieri to release more music, especially if it’s going to sound like this.

John also hosts The Sunday Storytellers Series, a weekly TV show about songwriting and the ‘why’ of why songwriters write. It’s not a typical interview show, but more of a casual conversation on the art and reasons for writing. Guests have included Pat McGee, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Reb Beach (Winger), Pete Riley (Edwin McCain Band) and many more.  The show goes out to approximately 100 Million households and has a weekly viewership of roughly 75k-85k on The Plymouth Rock TV Channel on Roku, Distro TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and on all mobile devices.

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