Julia Messenger Reveals Stunning New Single

Known for her smooth vocals and insightful lyrics, Julia Messenger has just released a new song about the strength of letting someone you love go no matter how painful it is, and it is giving us all the feels. 

“Fly Bird”, Julia’s new track, takes inspiration from a friend’s difficult breakup and the idea of setting the one you love free, hoping that one day they will fly back to you. You can feel Julia’s Jazz influence in the song with a prevalent soulful organ and melodic bass. The song also contains background harmonies that feel reminiscent of a church service, giving the piece a very uplifting tone. In the lyrics Julia encourages the listener to “fly free” because if he were to stay with her, the relationship could never be the same. “‘Fly bird’ is coming to an understanding of the fact that in order to really love someone, you need to have the strength to let them go” she states, “as painful as that can be”.

Julia Messenger is an Australian singer-songwriter known for her versatile and unique voice. Not only has she had an amazing career in her home country of Australia, but she has also crossed leaps and bounds with her music in countries such as Germany, the UK, and the United States. Having collaborated with a range of artists world wide. Julia’s voice can be heard in many genres including pop, jazz and electronica, and has been compared to artists such as Lisa Gerrard, Annie Lennox and Donna Summer.

“Fly Bird” is just the first single off of Julia’s upcoming EP “And We Danced”.

Find Julia Messenger via:


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