Conor Gains Reveals Addictive New Single

Before Conor Gains writes a song he gets out of the way. After all, great songs come through people, rather than from them. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer makes music that evolves freely because it’s been crafted outside of the box – effortlessly synthesizing the unmistakable warmth of Classic Soul and Modern R&B, with the

soaring melodies of Psychedelic Southern Rock and Pop, and bound together with the precision of an artist with an ear for Jazz.

New single, “Light Shine In” (off of Gains’ new Threë EP out April 16th), is a lament about missing home. The song speaks of the space in any relationship being the air that keeps the fire burning. Just like a good fire needs air, every relationship needs your own air to breathe. 


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