Kayla Diamond Shares Gorgeous Single “50/50”

Kayla Diamond’s newest single, “50/50,” is a love song about the listener. It’s an homage to self-esteem, as Kayla explains, “sometimes you need to show yourself some love, even if it means hurting someone else.”

The song is a powerful anthemic pop track that showcases Kayla’s dynamic vocal range. Reflecting on what she wants fans to take from the song Kayla says “Lots of people will hear this song and think it’s just about a spoiled relationship, but to me it’s so much more than that. It’s about recognizing that you deserve better than what you’re being given. It’s about removing unwanted toxicity from your life.”h.com/artists/kayla-diamond/

Since the 2017 release of her debut single “Carnival Hearts” (which went on to stream over 5 million times) and it’s follow up Top 10 single, the anthemic “What You’re Made Of,” Kayla continues to impress with her talent and determination to spread positivity with her words and music.


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