Steven H Scott Shares Bold New Single

New Hampshire-based Steven H Scott writes folk music for gentle, earthbound spirits. An avid traveler, hiker, and backroads walker, Steven pulls inspiration from the most natural of experiences. His EP, Albino Road, is scheduled for release on May 14th — but the title track, “Albino Road”, is out this now.

“Albino Road” was inspired by a real location near Steven’s hometown in North Andover, MA. As the story goes, back in the 1600s, two young albino boys were drowned by the town’s elders due to their appearance. Of this abhorrence, Steven sings, “History, we shunned the different, but history is me and you… How can we be so blind?” He calls out the cruel cycle that society so often finds itself in — shunning the apathy we all feel towards those unlike ourselves.

The track carves out the tale of the two albino boys beautifully as Steven’s raspy voice carries the tune atop gentle piano rolls and warm guitar strums. His lyrics conjure up the imagery of a lonely forested road, the kind of which would allow for a legend to lay alongside it. Take a moment to listen and reflect alongside Steven, and look out for his highly anticipated EP release later this year. 


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