Leahy’s Shares Bold New Single + Album

Canadian band Leahy’s brand new album, Good Water, brings the five women of the group – Leahy sisters Julie, Erin, Maria, Siobheann, and Denise – freshly to the fore, in singing and especially songwriting, along with brother Frank on drums, and introduces the newest addition to the band, Xavier, son of Frank, on accordion.  

As the songs on Good Water took shape, a new edge to the band’s sound began to emerge with the addition of electric guitars which spurred them on to explore the outer edges of their traditional/Celtic/folk/roots musical origins, pushing well beyond that footing.

Listen in here!

Click here for more information on Leahy, photos + social links.

Click here for more information on Leahy, photos + social links.

The record’s latest single, “Tears,” is another colour and sensibility in Leahy’s music journey. It reflects the fact that the band members are influenced by so many different genres and this comes out in different ways. Here is a nod to a rock style – with a very heartfelt deep lyric. It’s a beautiful contrast that is not soft and not hard – it’s grounded which is consistent with their sound over the years. 


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