Gift of Tongues Reveals Epic Single “The Art of Loneliness”

Brooklyn based EDM band Gift of Tongues has just released their new single called “Art of Loneliness.” This is a single that is part of their upcoming album, The Perfect Son. David Johnston, the heart and soul behind the band, wanted to create a safe space for himself and his listeners to have conversations about mental health through music. He is a singer-songwriter whose mission is to make music about mental health that is not depressing and slow, but energetic and empowering. 

“‘The Art Of Loneliness’ is a dance-pop song which sounds triumphant, but upon closer listen feels tragic. The lyrics here are the closest I get to a private monologue with me trying to convince myself that loneliness isn’t such a painful situation. I’m trying to trick myself into thinking being alone isn’t so bad and the artful way I do it,” says Johnston about his track. The powerful dance beat allows for the song to have a strong dichotomy. The lyrics offer an important dialogue while the beat allows for a fun loving dance party. This single is just a sneak peak of their next release, The Perfect Son. We’re so excited to hear what else Gift of Tongues has to offer.

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