Brooklyn Psych-Rock Outfit SNACKS CHAPMAN Reveal “Snake Oil”

For the first year, live shows for Snacks Chapman were like games of musical chairs where between songs, members would trade positions. “We’d all switch off and we were all pretty good at everything. But it felt like a novelty and I really wasn’t good at playing drums at all,” says guitarist Ian Lozinski.  Now, three years later, during a global pandemic, Snacks Chapman continues to evolve and release new music. 

Before the pandemic the band had an active live schedule in NYC playing venues like Alphaville, Coney Island Baby, Berlin, Bowery Electric, and many more.

On “Snake Oil,” a tremendous amount of care and attention is brought into the production. The gleaming, shining cadence of the entirety of the track gives it a futuristic and hazy rock n’ roll sheen. There is so much depth and unexpected bursts of color throughout which will have you on the edge of your seat. By far though the thing that truly anchors the work are the ethereal vocals which seem to have been transmitted from another universe. So many different layers intermingle with the patterns matching up into a virtual stream of consciousness.

Many different elements filter in and out of the mix giving the song a kaleidoscopic, almost psychedelic in terms of how the sound evolves. Buildup occurs but this too goes for the subtle before it eventually branches in a giant wave of sound. Such tremendous spirit and joy radiate throughout the entirety of the piece, helping to lend it a slightly symphonic quality.


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