Denise Valle Shares Epic new EP, “EDGE”

A soulful songstress with ‘love’ as her subject and ‘soul’ as her sound, Denise Valle’s music fuses the hypnotic warmth of R&B with the insatiable rhythm of pop. Her lyrical narratives are met by her raw vocal wave embodying passion and enlightenment.

Denise’s new EP EDGE sheds light on a day in the life of living with depression and anxiety, paints a picture of the days of immense heaviness that can leave you bed ridden till noon. Denise sings about the contrasting moments of hope that are brought on by positive conversations with friends and the dark moments that make you feel weakest.The EP’s title track “E D G E” is an acronym for “Every Day Give Everything” – everyone is dealing with a silent battle and we must champion each other and celebrate each success.

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