Shane Pendergast Reveals Folk Laced Video “It Slips Away”

Shane Pendergast is a folk singer from Tracadie Cross, Prince Edward Island. He learned to play by ear at an early age and by 13 he was performing professionally on stage. Shane’s connection to Maritime folk music dates back to the efforts of his great-grandparents, preservers of folklore in P.E.I. Shane is carrying the torch forward with his own songs, having released his debut album, Place to the Name, in 2020.

He’s now following up with single “It Slips Away,” which was recorded live off the floor. The track has been paired with a video:

“Shortly after the track was recorded, I received the word that a close friend of mine passed away. The song is about loss, so it took on an added meaning. The music video footage is from a show I played at Toronto’s TRANZAC Main Hall. That was the last night that I saw my friend Alex. I find it surreal to look back at the footage of him, not to mention the big crowd that was gathered. Nobody knew that the world would slip away a few weeks later with the COVID-19 lockdown.”


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