Dirty Snowman Society Reveals “Say Nothing”

Dirty Snowman Society has just released their latest single “Say Nothing” , and it starts off extremely powerful. This Colorado-based rock band was able to create a fast pace and tense track, that has us on the edge of our seats for more.

With such full, intense instrumentation in the first half of the track, we’re greeted with a familiar set of power chords and exciting drums. However, about 2 minutes into through the track, we get to a different interlude/bridge section that is reminiscent of middle-eastern music. This interlude quickly transitions with a roll of the drums, a classic rock guitar riff, and a solo for the guitarist. 

This song is powerful, and the message is clear. We continue to look forward to more of Dirty Snowman Society’s music!

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/dirtysnowmansociety/say-nothing-1/s-wHJiJr3jGLy


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