Gustav Hoyer Revals “Adventure at Sea”

Gustav Hoyer, is a modern classical composer, pianist and producer who has made it his mission to change the misconception that classical music is for a niche audience. In fact, he will argue that it is for everyone, if the genre was just given the chance. Gustav has been known for creating movie-esque music that brings you into a particular scene where emotions are running high.

Hoyer has just recently released his latest single, “Adventure at Sea” which is a storm of a track in itself. This record is a cinematic masterpiece, showcasing Gustav’s ability to modernize classical music with his technological expertise and background. “Adventure at Sea” brings listeners back more than 200 years, into the 19th story at sea.

What we love the most about Gustav, is that he has turned his love of the classical genre into an education system, and through his podcasts and his social media posts, Hoyer has become a pioneer in the classical world, changing people’s misconceptions about the genre in all communities.

So, if you have always wanted to listen to classical music but were afraid you wouldn’t “get it,” or you want to hear about Gustav’s moment of understanding the genre, we encourage you to check out Gustav’s latest single, and maybe listen to a podcast or two!

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