Nathanael Philip Mosher Delivers the Bold “I Wanna Write a Love Song”

Nathanael Philip Mosher has captivated audiences for years as a comedian, poet, and storyteller, and is now stepping onto the stage as a singer-songwriter with his debut single, “I Wanna Write a Love Song”. Though he is a man of many talents, Mosher has a remarkable way with words. His ability to weave wrought feeling with the innate beauty of love lost spins life into his emotional style of folk. 

“I Wanna Write a Love Song” is filled to the brim with heartbreak, yet the song builds so gently, so lovingly, that it leaves the listener feeling a sweet sort of melancholy. Mosher’s voice is raspy, thick with a powerful sort of longing. As the rich sounds of a grand piano and the gentle accompaniment of an acoustic guitar build, the track swells to a beautiful height while Mosher cries out “I wanna write a love song, but I’ve got no love to give.” 

The single is the first release of his upcoming EP “NATHANAEL,” out this spring. With such a powerful first release, we are excited to see the rest of what Nathanael Mosher’s original work will have to offer.  

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