Hip-hop artist and entrepreneur, Flawless Real Talk, announced today the release of his newest track titled “Everything,” an uplifting melody written to provide a voice for female empowerment in the current world via his own record label, R.i.S.E. The track is an anthem dedicated to all of the powerful women in the world setting a positive example, with lyrics written by the artist himself to show appreciation and give value to each and every female. 

The new song from Flawless was actually created during one of his recent live streaming sessions on the live stream app LIVIT, who last month announced a six figure partnership with the rapper. 

“Everything is all about women empowerment. Our culture and generation doesn’t really teach us to value women, so this song is written to set an example for my audience that we really need to do just that,” says Flawless Real Talk. “If you look at the artwork, it shows the silhouette of a woman with everything within her and it showcases how powerful women really are and how much more they need to be appreciated.”

Fresh off an empowering BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher performance about social injustice, Flawless continues to find creative ways to create hip-hop music speaking on the messages that are most important to him. Earlier this year, he released his compelling track titled “What A Time,” which unveiled a first-person perspective into his life as he imagines his one-year-old son having to also endure social injustice.

In addition to music, just last month, the rapper signed an exclusive live streaming deal with LIVIT, an app powered by Taiwan-based M17, a leading global social entertainment company, with more than 45 million registered users across the globe. Flawless will stream exclusive content, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into studio sessions, workshops, his day-to-day life and brought in more than one million viewers who tuned in to his two-hour live virtual concert. 

The rapper will also promote charitable causes and give back to those in need, with a monthly live streamed visit to charities, shelters, food banks, hospitals, fire stations and more. Flawless, who became a worldwide phenomenon following his success on Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow”, which streamed in over 190 countries, will use LIVIT to introduce new music and connect with fans in a deeper, more authentic way than other prerecorded social media apps allow. 

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