Maxine Linehan Shares Pre-Holiday Cheer with New Release

Today songstress Maxine Linehan shares some pre-holiday cheer, as she launches her gorgeous holiday single “This Time of Year.” The harmonious song is a Christmas delight as she brings a cheery and glistening sound to the table; fully capturing the holiday spirit. The first of her holiday singles this year, she grabs your attention and holds it; making it a new seasonal favorite for your ears!

Maxine Linehan is a woman of many hats. She’s a singer, writer, producer, and actress, and is an interpretive artist that uses popular songbooks and theatrical presentations to share intimate truths and build communal bonds.

The Irish performer’s masterful productions reimagine beloved music catalogs with courageous and emotive storylines, and immersive experiences. In doing this, she enriches our bonds with our favorite music.

The Southern Vermont-based theatrical musician fuses dialogue, autobiographical story arcs, and specific artist song collections for transformative concert experiences. Maxine performs in both world-famous venues and in intimate settings. Her artistic choices are tailored around bringing forth the poignancy of the lyrics in the body of work she is reimagining. Within any musical setting, Maxine’s sensually emotive vocals shine through. Her repertoire is refreshingly eclectic; to date, she’s interpreted the songbooks of such varied artists as U2, Petula Clark, and Barbra Streisand.

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