Red Flower Lake Brings Electro Goodness with “Three Truths”

Virginia based electro-pop duo, Red Flower Lake, recently released their EP Three Truths. The couple, Abel Okugawa Wright and Rahimah von Briesen, write music inspired by their personal moments of hope, lost love, heartache, and personal challenges. Their music is wrought with emotion, and Rahimahs dreamlike voice perfectly rises and falls within the chillwave landscape that Abel mixes to accompany her.

Our favorite song off the EP, “Heart Is Breaking,” is inspired by the difficulties that Abel and Rahimah experience as parents. Rahimah’s lyrics convey “the feeling of feeling wrecked by how hard it is to be in a parent, wrecked by being partners in love, wrecked knowing we are doing our very best and falling short – over and over again.” It’s a beautiful tale of love for both your partner and for your children, and how difficult those two experiences are to balance. Rahimah sings atop gliding drum hits, smooth harmonies, and emotional vocal samples from Abel. Altogether, the track pulls the listener into an introspective, moving dream. 

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