Beatrice Betley Reveals Stunning New Jazz Album “Upside Down”


Beatrice Betley pulls out all of the stops on her latest record “Upside Down,” which graces our ears today.

This record has been a long time coming for Beatrice who has released a series of successful singles leading up to today. Beatrice is an acclaimed Jazz vocalist who has been making waves in a major way.

Personal favorites on the record include songs such as “Flow,” “Sunshine,” and “Egotripper ,” which prove Betley’s talent not only as a songwriter as well.

Beatrice has been submitted to the 2021 Grammy Awards for “Best Jazz Vocal Album,” “Best New Artist,” and “Producer of the Year.” Beatrice is an acclaimed vocalist, producer, songwriter and composer, whose roots originated in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout her musical travels, her love of the craft started at an early age. Singing basically before she could even walk, Beatrice learned to play the guitar, recorder, and recently the piano to add to her repertoire. Her music spans genres as she blends elements of Jazz, 80s pop, EDM, Argentinian Folk and dashes of Flamenco and Fado.

As 2020 comes quickly to a close it’s safe to say that Beatrice Betley is on her way to becoming a household name in the Jazz world.


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