Getting to Know Cosmic Boulevard

Cosmic Boulevard is a Chilean electronic dance music duo, formed by Joaquin & Esteban. Since 2017 they’ve making music, stretching bonds, and developing their unique sound. Between the two combined, they sum up over 12 years of experience between DJing and producing music. Their music influences come from artists such as: Daft Punk, Disclosure, AB Logic, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Barry White, Giorgio Moroder and the following genres: House, Deep House, Future House, Funk, Indie, Alternative, Disco, Rhythm & Blues. 

 As of 2020, they have just released their first EP titled ”Take Me”, which includes four tracks, followed by a single in which one of the members will showcase his vocal skills. In addition, they have multiple collaborations, official remixes and other projects in the works which will see the light of day in the coming months. We had the distinct honor of catching up with Cosmic Boulevard this Summer for an insightful chat.

1)      Congratulations on your new album,Take Me! What inspired you to create the record?

Thank you! We hope you really enjoyed it! Inspiration always come from different places or moments, but in this case we tried to make an energetic powerful EP, with deep and warped voices.  We tried to make each song, something new, with our own unique sound and this was the result. Each song has a unique touch that makes the next feel correlated to one another

2)      In your eyes how does the new songs differ musically from your past work, but also how does it coincide?

As a duo we decided that we will always try to maintain our essence through our sound. So we think that Take Me has the same essence that our older songs, but it has a fresher feel.

3)      When it comes to constructing the ideas for your songs, do you pen anything in specific first? Melodies, harmonies, notes?

We don’t have a specific rule when it comes to creating a song, but we always try to make a beat first, play with the melodies and synths a little bit, and then start to complete the structure of the track. So, sometimes the lyrics comes first, and then the beat, or vice versa. But we realized that most of the time it is easier for us to work the melodies after we have the lyrics done.

4)      Do you keep an ongoing journal for music and ideas that are constantly in your mind, or do you lay it down recording wise, almost immediately?

Yes, sometimes we write stuff on a notebook, it helps us work better with the lyrical ideas, but most of the time we head immediately to the studio the record the ideas before they go away.

5)      What is your favorite part of being a musician?

Our favorite part is always being able to create, wether is music, lyrics or a video, but our absolute favorite is when we play at a venue and see the crowd enjoying our sets, especially when we play our own tracks or remixes, that’s fulfilling and beautiful.

6)      As this year is a bit away from the norm, have you found new ways to engage fans? What do you foresee as the next wave of focus for musicians ?

We are currently thinking new ways and formulas to engage our audience.

We think the best way at the time is to do live streams playing some sets, so you can entertain your audience while you broadcast your music.

Listen & Learn here:


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