Sam the Astronaut Floats on Latest Single

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 6.56.27 PM

Sam the Astronaut is like a giant alien synthesizer entering Earth’s atmosphere preparing to beam you up with its lush soundwaves. Its purpose; to take you to a place where the dull realities of everyday life are washed away and, even just for a moment, replaced with an irresistible urge to dance. And trust, they will be there right beside you the entire time.

“Midnight Carlight” is the lead single and title-track off of the duo’s forthcoming independently-released sophomore album (set for release on August 28th, 2020). With  production so thick you can always find a new layer to swim in, “Midnight Carlight” is a cathartic ode to the feeling of being trapped in a relationship.

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