WAYLEY Guides the Way with New Single

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 7.58.01 PM

WAYLEY, the Folk/Pop alter-ego of Americana artist Andrew Sherriff was brought to life in 2018 through a quest for creative freedom. Most known for his work and success in the Indie/Folk duo, ‘Andrew & Veda’, Sherriff has always had a passion for staying true to a genre while pushing musical boundaries. His new single “What’s It Gonna Take,” is infectious and catchy, bringing the essence of the artist to life.

With a firm belief that you should listen to all of your creative voices, Sherriff felt the need to begin exploring the catchy lyrics and unforgettable melodic hooks of the Folk/Pop realm starting with his first single as WAYLEY, “What’s It Gonna Take,” which combines anthem-style lyrics and large band sounds.

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