Tianda Lures Us In with “My God”


Tianda is a Canadian artist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who’s shape-shifting vocals command the spotlight of every track as she blends Dark Pop, soulful Hip Hop, and trap-inspired RnB to create the slick melodic style she’s known for. A lyricist foremost, Tianda’s cadence has been influenced by rap, which she loves due to the freedom to use more words to tell stories. Her new single “My God,” is a breakthrough single for the artist who definitely crafts her unique sound and vision.

Tianda shares:

“This song started at my kitchen table one day when I was playing my guitar and reading through some of my old journals. For most of my life, I have struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder, but it was not until my adult life that it was clinically diagnosed. Living with OCD and experiencing ‘micro-stardom’ as a child had a huge impact on me. I was already driven to perform rituals (checking, picking, cleaning, self-harm at times), and having been thrust into the spotlight and then effectively abandoned to reintegrate into my old life again at 15 sent this into overdrive. I felt like a failure, and my intrusive thoughts about not being successful and letting people down made me feel humiliated and worthless. I was living in a secluded area in the mountains while being homeschooled, so instead of talking about these feelings with friends or a peer group, I detailed them in my journal everyday (at least the best I could as a child.) When I opened my journal entry from 15 year old me, I saw the lines, “My God, can I ever get some peace to sit still and not feel guilty?” This immediately struck me because these are the same feelings I still struggle with to this day. Right there I realized I wanted to give 15-year old me a voice, and I wrote most of the lyrics using words from that journal entry. The song also talks about the insecurity I have about my mental illness (“I know I’m way too pretty to be sad right?” “I don’t know a thing about real problems.”) People with OCD can often be perceived as high performers, because many of us are indeed hard workers and perfectionists (on the surface.) This leaves me feeling like I don’t deserve support or a platform, because my problems simply aren’t ‘bad enough.’ So to summarize, this song really details my experience with mental illness and also the insecurity I have struggled with while seeking support.”

Turn this one UP!


Listen to the track here:

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