Dan Miraldi Reveals the Perfectly Timed “Mood Music for Introverts”

Miraldi mood 2

Dan Miraldi’s latest record “Mood Music for Introverts,” is a comforting release we all need right now. As we are alone, together, Miraldi’s notable EP will resonate with your heart and ears. The record is a step in a new direction for Miraldi, as he truly creates a labor of love; being the sole musician and writer on the release, with the exception of only one track.
A string of successful singles have come to life in the release that has been drawing us in for the past couple of months. From the heavenly “Kingdom Come,” to the blissful “I Thought You Should Know,” the tone Miraldi carries throughout the EP is an honest, and beautiful one at that. “Mood for Introverts” brings a charming flow that takes his in-depth lyricism and haunting arrangements to the next level. Each song tells a story, and the mood sets one of a 1960s East Village Folk club.

Working alone, Miraldi wrote, played and sang every note on the record. The sole outside cameo comes from a slide guitar guest appearance by Jay Nemeyer (of the DC-based electro pop band Color Palette) on the recently mentioned “Kingdom Come.”
Miraldi states: “There is a lot of overproduction in modern music.  The songs are about vibe, not perfection.  I wanted this collection to sound warm and organic. There is no Auto-Tune on these tracks.  This project began as something just for me.  This is the music I make when no one else is looking.  However, my friends who heard these songs encouraged me to release them.  It is both exciting and scary, because there was no outside producer or mixing engineer to provide ‘adult supervision.’”

Standout tracks for me also include the hazy “Your Memory Leaves Me Stoned,” and the soulful “Stop & Start Over Again” which will provide the perfect song for your Summer drives. From beginning to end, Miraldi creates an ambitious record that sets the bar for other artists to come. It’s stunning, intricate, and filled with surprises within every note.

Dan Miraldi’s EP “Mood for Introverts,” is out now…and the timing is perfect.
Listen via Digital Outlets & Limited Edition Cassette:

Find Dan Miraldi Online:

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