Happy Freuds Bring Back Rock n’ Roll


Happy Freuds is one of our favorite gems of the year. Releasing the new single “Why,” the track was written by award winning Spanish poet and author, Fernando Garcia, who is a major fan of the band. The group who currently hails from Spain, puts Rock n’ Roll back on the map.

Happy Freuds share of the collaboration:

During a concert in Valencia 2 years back, we met Fernando, who attended our concert. Establishing a friendship bridging both generations and music. Fernando has since been a strong support of the Happy Freuds music. Publicly stating things like “among the best band coming from Spain the last years”.

Early December, we drove to Valencia to attend one of his first public performances in long time at a very small venue on the backstreets of Valencia. There Fernando performed WHY. Less than 24 hours later, back home in the studio, we played it more or less straight through and got it recorded. Low key production and yet, such a brilliant track.

The track is a full on musical explosion,  that shows the very essence of the band. They bring to life the music and hard hitting rock of the 70s and 90s, as their music comes to life within every note. It’s raw and real, and in your face…in the best possible way. Swirling instrumentation carry throughout the song that brings the very essence of the band to life.

“Why” is taken from the group’s upcoming full length album that should see the light of day this year….and are ears are ready for more.

Find the group via:

Youtube Channel

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