Oriana Setz Releases Stunning New Album

Oriana Setz is not your average Folk laced musician. Just releasing her new album “Metamorfosis,” the New Zealand-by-way-of-Ecuador artist is bringing to life an album that is filled with enchanting songs.


Setz shares with us about the record:
“Metamorfosis is about embracing the painful yet inevitable transition of becoming a new version of yourself.”


With the lead single in tow “Pieza Perdida,” she brings a whole new set of rules to the world of music. The 7-song release packs a great deal of love, sweat and tears into the mix, as each song holds it’s place on the record.


From start to finish we get a sense of what Setz is trying to accomplish as an artist. Her unique melodies and heavenly vocals are bound to capture your attention. Standout tracks on the album for me include “Pastel Liliac,” and “A Little Bit Blinder,” though each song is gorgeously written and performed.


With tinges of Rock, Pop, Folk and Latin, it’s safe to say that Setz offers a little bit for everyone. Her honest and charming songs are already garnering strong attention, so get on board!


You will certainly be impressed…we sure are!


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