Nessa Shares “A Stitch in Time”


Nessa’s genre-bending, breakout track “A Stitch In Time” details the redemption of a woman caught in an abusive relationship with her “drunken husband.” The track starts with an acoustic guitar which quickly fades in comparison to the very rhythmically driven bass part. The modern electric drums give the track a more mainstream vibe; however, the vocal style is clearly of the classic Celtic folk variety. Nessa continues to shatter expectations in the break-down sections of the song which feel influenced from the hip-hop universe.


Over the course of the song, Nessa takes their listener through a very detailed account of her protagonists retaliation plan of retaliating for years malignant behavior bestowed upon her. The most fascinating component of this detailed plan is her use of stereotypically “feminine” household items such as a sewing needle and thread, a rolling pin and a frying pan to carry out her redemptive blossoming. A true feminist anthem, this once docile woman who was literally falling mercy to the hand of her man, steps up and owns her power the way she best knows how – with well strategic intent and purpose.


Listen to this inspiring, one-of-a-kind tale here.

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