Matt Vantine’s New Single is “Drop Dead” Gorgeous

Matt Vantine is notorious for writing and producing songs that relentlessly get stuck in your head for weeks on end, and his newest single, “Drop Dead”, falls perfectly in line with that. With an immediate start, Matt’s vocals come storming into the song with passion and force, and are met with his expertise on the guitar.

About a rollercoaster relationship, this record is an absolute earworm with its production, layered harmonies, and strong vocals. But the Philadelphia singer- songwriter is more than just a pretty face and a smooth voice. His lyrical ability is unlike any other artist, being able to deliver punch lines with rhythm and rhyme, in a way we all wish we could do.

“My first love was the guitar,” Vantine tells us. In addition to being the lead vocalist and guitarist on the track, Matt also has his hand in producing all of his tracks. Although previously, we would say “The Goddess and Me” was our favorite Matt Vantine track, because of its Ed Sheeran type acoustic vibe and haunting vocal game, it seems that has taken the second place spot now behind “Drop Dead”.

Once you hear the final line of the track, you’ll understand why it’s been added to all of our playlists, and quoted under all of our latest Instagram posts.

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