DOMINY Brings the Goods on New LP

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 6.54.46 PM.png

Philadelphia is currently one of our favorite places for new music, and one band that is certainly on our radar is Dominy….and they’ll be on yours too.

Dominy is a Philadelphia based indie band that crafts hook-laced, irreverent rock and roll that draws a wide array of influences that include surf, classic country, and Americana. Formed in 2017 by brothers John and Alex Dominy, along with Michael Youngkin and Zak Iannitelli, Dominy released their debut album, ‘Wet Leather’ in January 2017, as well as a follow up EP that July titled ‘Dry Pleather’.

During their time playing in Philadelphia as well as touring, Dominy has garnered a reputation for high energy shows suffused with sardonic humor. The band released their second full length album, ‘Drugstore Cowboy’, in June of 2019th, cementing Dominy’s reputation as a contender in the Philadelphia music scene. 

Find Dominy Online!








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