Young Goats Come to Life on New Record

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Young Goats is a Hip Hop duo on the rise. Hailing from the City of Angels aka Los Angeles, the artists bring  a heavy dose of Urban infused music to life with their new record “Goat Life Vol 1.”

The record is filled with stunning and captivating lyrical flow as it’s held together by a steady batch of beats. Bringing in doses of a late night club vibe, Young Goats impresses with a 80s and 90s vibes laced throughout.

Standout tracks for us include “Only Need You,” which offers up a heavy dose of dancehall beats, with “Beautiful” and “Gaze On,” as top favorite contenders as well.

Made up of members Young Sauve and Goatey, the two recall the classic elements of Wyclef Jean, with the modern day fascination of artists like Drake. Truly creating a sound and vision of their own, Young Goats are not your cookie cutter group.The music and lyricism are fresh, and bring epic doses of musical greatness to the table. Produced by Jaz Williams, who helped bring the album to life, it’s safe to say that Young Goats have staying power in the modern Hip Hop scene. Their music is unique and like nothing out there you will hear today. With their heart and souls put into it, the record is equal posts poetic and catchy….jump into their world as you will be certainly surprised.


Check out the videos here:

Miami Nights:
What Love Is:

Connect with the group via:

Youtube Channel


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