Lauren Waller Brings us “Quicksand”


Indie pop songstress Lauren Waller shows us a more seductive side with her newest track, Quicksand. Although she has consistently fed our ears with tracks that we can’t get out of our heads, this one feels different. And by different, we mean incredible. The production, the vocals, and the overall style of the track beautifully highlights Lauren’s growth as an artist and as a musician. And we are obsessed.

The track begins with a vibe that reminds us of
Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift, except this song welcomes in a mysterious and intimate vibe that we never knew we needed. With lyrics like “loose lips sink ships, steal a kiss, quick tongues” this record plays with the idea of desirability, lust, and passion in a confident and dangerous way.

As if Lauren Waller’s gorgeous hair wasn’t enough to obsess over, her smooth and sultry voice brings out a whole new level of “fanatic” in us. We’ll be listening to Quicksand on repeat all weekend, and are already excited to hear more hits from one of our favorite artists.


Listen to the track, here:

Connect with Lauren Waller via:


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