Lydia Persaud Gets Real on Latest Release


Lydia Persaud launches our ears into Spring with her enchanting new single “Let Me Show You.” Recorded in Toronto with producer Robbie Grunwald (Donovan Woods, Jill Barber), Persaud shares an album which is comprised of 11 songs that run the gamut from romance, to social activism, to anger.

“The songs shift from being based in love and heartbreak to her personal encounters with race, and gender issues,” shares Lydia of the release. “With Let Me Show You,” Lydia draws inspiration from her musical heroes, such as Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and Carole King, while touching on vital issues that deeply affect her. Her music melds genres while Lydia’s clear message shines through on the power of her unforgettable voice.
Have a listen to the genre-melding song online, and become head over heals for the album:

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