Keith Cooper Unleashes His “Rabid Underdogs”

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 2.53.23 PM

Keith Cooper is on fire with his new record “Rabid Underdogs,” which has been inching its way into the New Year. It has been a stream of steady singles that Cooper has been unveiling the past few months, that have intrigued us immediately.

His charismatic nature and bold musicianship, clearly makes him stand out above the rest. Vivid imagery fills the album as he brings a bold and storytelling aspect into the album. From standout tracks such as “American French Revolution” and “Joint Rule,” the well rounded release is epic from beginning to end.
His vocal work is strong and brings out the true inner essence of his music, making each song a labor of love. With the instrumentation that surrounds each story, a journey is told within each song. This album has been a long time coming for Cooper as has steadily built up a following, not only in his hometown of Massachusetts, but now also across the world. “Rabid Underdogs,” is one of the best kept secrets this year, and it’s about to be unleashed. Stay tuned for the release this coming Friday, March 22. Our ears are waiting!
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