Jared Weiss Reveals Charming New Record, “Isolated Thunderstorms”


Jared Weiss shares his glorious new album “Isolated Thunderstorms” which intrigued our ears from start to finish. Based in New York City, Weiss brings ‘back to basics Rock’ to the table that pleases the ears and then some. On the album he showcases his talents as both a storyteller and musician, all while creating a captivating release.

Jared Weiss has shared about the record:

“Isolated Thunderstorms is an auto-biographical confessional, born out of a life or death need to tell the truth. I threw away the love of my life because I was too sick to care. My mind was warped. I hit rock bottom. What choices did I make to get me to this place of isolation? In order to re-examine the tragic, macabre moments of my life, I first had to embrace them. I don’t know if I understand them, but Isolated Thunderstorms is my response to my examination.”

On the album Weiss brings a golden touch and lyrical wit to the table. Each song on the record stands strongly on its alone, though comes together perfectly as a while. With pieces such as “Almost All of Me,” and “Get Out of My Head” as two ultimate favorites, the entirety of the record flows beautifully. Time and Time again Jared Weiss impresses, and this is truly only the beginning…

Listen via Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3VVp16oj4ReF5m4gjHt4b0?si=xh5cxTeXRgK6XHv_1-SraQ

Find Jared Weiss via:
Youtube Channel

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