The Krickets are BACK with Stunning New Single

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The Krickets have come back even stronger since we first heard them on their debut album, “Spanish Moss Sirens”. Getting ready to kick off the beginning of a new chapter, this all female Americana group delivers chilling vocals on their first single, Redbird, and title track of their upcoming sophomore album, due out October 26th, 2018. From the first chord to the last, this song haunts you in the best way possible.

The song was written about a dream Emily was having about her grandmother who passed away. “In the dream she was always trying to whisper something important in my ear,” she says. “Every time she would start to talk I could never understand what she was saying, and I’d wake up. While having these dreams I saw redbirds everywhere I went day to day.”

With voices like silk, these women redefine the swamp folk genre and give it an entirely new sound that will be stuck in your head for weeks, and have you craving more. Emerging with smoke, the first few seconds of the single paints a clear scene in your head, one that feels like a dream. And with each verse, brings more and more chills to your body. It’s very obvious that these women were born to sing.

“Is this love or is this warning?” A favorite lyric sung through the second half of the song. This song has everything, the perfect combination of sultry voices, earthy strings, and powerful lyrics. If this is only the beginning of this new era, the world is not ready for the rest.

Listen to Redbird here:

Take a peek at their site:

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