Matt Oestreicher Reveals New Track “Human Anymore”

HumanAnymore_cover (2).png
Matt Oestreicher shares his new single “Human Anymore,” with the world today for the delight of our ears. The single is the first we have heard from the artist in a little while, but right from the start it proves that it was worth the wait.

This track will appeal to anyone who loves classic rock albums from the 80’s.  We can’t help but hear a touch of The Police as the bridge is a nod to “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” with lovely soaring harmonies and masterful guitar work we can’t wait to hear the whole record.

Oestreicher has been a musical legend in his own right the past few years as he has played alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovi to name a few. The new track offers up a a bold new look into the artist as he takes center stage. The result is a magical track that has us eager to hear more from the noteworthy artist. Make sure to give it a listen via Spotify below!


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