“The Ship of Desires” a Hypnotic Track from Nandan Gautam

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Nandan Gautam takes listeners on a metaphysical journey through his spiritual awakening on his album and semi-autobiography, The King of the Sea. The Baku, Azerbaijan-based digital composer knew he was destined to be a musician, but after struggling to grasp the guitar, he still believed his true calling was music. After meeting guru Bharat Thakur, he had an enlightening experience through meditation and discovered how he could use electronic instruments as his medium for musical expression.

A highlight off the album, “The Ship of Desires”, deals with the internal conflicts of spirituality and the real world through an array of hypnotic pulsing synthesizers, Eastern-influenced percussion, and Nandan’s smooth throat singing. This track in particular showcases Nandan’s eclectic musical influences as it transitions from ethereal and soothing to an invigorating rock section featuring the intricate guitar solos of Tony Das.


The accompanying music video captures this sonic juxtaposition through contrasting scenes in nature to depict spiritual life in a secular world. We love The King of the Sea and can’t wait to hear what Nandan delivers next!

Listen to “The Ship of Desires” here:

The Ship Of Desires (feat. Tony Das) by Nandan Gautam


Follow Nandan Gautam here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nandangautamofficial/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nandangautamofficial/

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