Suki Rae and Company Charm on New Release


Suki Rae and Company have just released their new endeavor, “Can’t Stop Now.” The charming new record which clocks in at 10 songs, is a perfect combination of all things Suki Rae. The main purpose of the release, from Suki Rae’s standpoint, is to raise “social consciousness and awareness,” and it indeed does just that. On the album, Suki’s spiritual nature shines through, as each piece is heartfelt, and honestly written. Standout pieces on the album for me include “There’ Someone Watchin’ Over You,” And “Cast Away,” which really dives into the heart and soul of the group. As they combine elements of gospel, blues, spiritual tones and a little bit of rock into the mix, Suki Rae outdoes herself within every song. Classically trained in the flute, and a prominent singer-songwriter, Suki Rae has been performing for audiences all over the world for over 25 years. Impressive to say the least! “Can’t Stop Now,” is a gorgeously crafted record in which Suki Rae and Company shine like the stars they are. Give it a listen, and find yourself with inner peace.

Watch “Bugz in Da Bed,” here:

Connect with Suki Rae and the Company online:


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