Spragga Benz is BACK on New Single


Spragga Hall is one of the most well known musicians in the dancehall scene, and we have his latest single here! The piece “Spread Out” features Hype & Fever in the mix, for a song that you will not soon forget. Whether you are a fan of dancehall or not, it doesn’t matter. Spragga Benz will make you LOVE it. Combining classic elements of old school hip hop and a bit of reggae power, it’s no wonder why Spragga Benz is still in the game…and one of the most innovative artists at that. Taken from this upcoming record “Chillagon,” due out on Buttercuts Records this year, we are delighted to hear from the amazing artist. Hailing from the UK, the home of dancehall, Spragga Hall shows no sign of slowing down… and we are forever grateful.

Watch the new video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD2ZEpCGQKw

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