Crooked Flower Bring Us “Darkness and Light”


Crooked Flower have just launched their ambitious 4-song EP, “Darkness and Light.” Throughout the release the band blends a stunning combination of acoustic and psychedelic rock, delivering a refreshing sound to the table. The group who have been making waves in their hometown of Berkeley, California, are ready to take their show on the road. Their sound is a breath of fresh air in the current music scene, as their songs are filled with life and melodies we can get into. On the release, standout tracks include outstanding tacks such as “Moving On,” and personal favorite, “Boyfriend.” As they add in a few elements from their inspirations such as The Grateful Dead, the Cure and the Pretenders, the group hones a unique sound that is very much their own. On “Darkness and Light,” we hear Crooked Flower making a name for themselves, as they share the most memorable release of their career.

Watch “Bells of Brixton,” here:

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