Shaman Elect Deliver the Goods on “Mind the Ether”

SE - Synth and Guitar - No Words.jpg

Shaman Elect is delivering the goods today with their new record “Mind the Ether.” The Brooklyn-based group entice with their stunning release that captures the essence of the band throughout the record’s entirety.

Blending a bold combination of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Psych and a little Funk, Shaman Elect is not your average New York band. On the album we experience a band that is truly creating music on their own terms.

Standout pieces for me include the powerful “Life Ruining Drugs,” the infectious single “Hugo of Bath,” and the romantic vibes of “Shadow Dweller.” Their knack for creating “modern psychedelic rock,” gives them an eclectic and unique edge in the current music world. Their heartfelt and honest lyrics pave the way for stunning instrumentation and vibrant musicianship that will stand the test of time.

Shaman Elect’s “Mind the Ether” is out today.

Listen in here:

Connect with Shaman Elect via:

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