LDYCP Delivers the Good on New Record

Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 1.39.51 PM.png


LDYCP is in action with the new self-titled release out today via In-Store Recordings. The group which is spearheaded by Chelsea Jean is a breath of fresh air as she takes center stage on the album; creating a very special aura and vision around the release. Each part of the album showcases Chelsea’s lyricism and unique storytelling that dives deeper into the LDYCP story as well as her soul.


Standout pieces on the release include the lead single “One True Loss,” which has our hearts racing for more, “Wash” and “Only House”. Her melodic tones are dreamy and heavenly as each song takes us away on a magical journey. The overall result? Easilgy one of favorite releases of 2018. We are eager to hear what LDYCP has to offer next…we’re on the edge of our seats.


Grab the record, here:

Connect with LDYCP online:


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