Asha Pieper Stuns with Latest Video


Asha Pieper is back with another stunning video in tow. The songstress who has been creating quite a name for herself in the past several months enlightens once again with a piece that is unique and truly captivating. Compared to artists such as Billie Holiday, Pieper’s new video for “Voices,” is intricately crafted in black and white. With a strong and powerful message behind it, it brings a visually perfect piece to the table.

Pieper shares regarding the “Voices” inspiration:

“There was a period of time, that many of the relationships I held as secure and sacred, exploded. It took me a long time to realize, and to accept, that the world is heedy, and complex, and even if it doesn’t end with a happy ending, at least it’s over. And that can be something good.”  

Take a look at the memorable video, below.

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