Easy Shares “Magic Seeds”


After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Magic Seed’ with some live shows, Swedish exports Easy started writing some new material and with their friend, producer Charlie Storm, started recording again (in Storm´s Cloud Chamber studio, named after one Easy’s tracks).

Satisfied with what they had created Easy pressed some CDs of the tracks they had recorded and gave them away to their friends, the band were on a creative roll and decided to write some music for Johan Holmlund’s poetry collection ‘Swimming with the Beast’.

‘Pop Songs’  might well be the loveliest tune Easy have ever recorded, ‘I Can Tell You Why’ is as catchy and joyful as any Tamla Motwn tune you can think of, ‘Little Boy’ is what Phil Spector would sound like if he was in a Swedish Indie band and ‘A Picture (I´ve Got Mine)’ is the love child of The Chills and Velvet Underground.

The new single ‘Ask The Sky’ was recorded during the Summer of 2017 and recieved worldwide airplay with a stunning video from David Janes. In short, ‘A Heatbeat From Eternity’ is a thing of beauty and the music remains as fresh as ever.



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