Race the Tide Shares “Rip Tide”

Kicking off the weekend, let’s get started with a little Race the Tide.  Just about to wrap up his ‘Sunsets at’ North American tour, he encourages audiences and incorporates communities to share their passions, art, and philosophies in person in a new and exciting way. Each show is completely unique, as RTT has hand chosen acts (not just musical but also artistic and performing) at each destination. You can get a taste of some of Jesse’s previous collaborations here. Airstream, Lomography, Audio Technica, Navitas and Pendleton have all gotten behind the idea behind the tour, as well RTT’s brother, actor Gabriel Macht (USA network’s Suits). The brainchild of  Jesse Macht, he releases the enticing new single entitled ‘Rip Tide‘. The track opens with a gorgeous, almost LCD like synth/piano part, which is quickly overlaid with a War on Drugs guitar part and Ryan Adams-esque vocal line. Give it a listen! It will not disappoint!

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