A is for Atom Returns with “Last Man on the Moon”


Brooklyn’s A is for Atom is back at it again with his new single “Last Man on the Moon.” Mike Cykoski is the genius behind the musical moniker, which impresses us with every listen. Taking the time to share a few words about the track, take a peek to what he has to say, below.

“I wrote Last Man on the Moon”  that explores the theme of never being able to go home again and nostalgia. On the surface it’s a sci-fi story about a man in the future watching the destruction of earth from his base on the moon. He is extremely frightened and feels understandable loneliness and isolation as the reality of his situation sets in. He’ll be stuck on the moon for the rest of his life and can never go home—he sends a signal into the emptiness of space at the end and realizes that it’s now a long way down and he’s doomed.

“Last Man on the Moon,” can be found via Soundcloud. On October 13, A is for Atom will also release his newest record, so be on the lookout!


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