Sarah Ragsdale Debuts video for “Ferris Wheel”


​Check out the music video for “Ferris Wheel” here:

Sarah Ragsdale writes straight from the heart, and her new video for “Ferris Wheel” is evident of that.  With an eclectic background and her very diverse artistic experience has seen her traveling from Appalachia to West Africa. This has provided a large palate to describe very personal and emotional accounts for herself and others.

Ragsdale has toured and performed live in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa making appearances on major international television networks including BBC World, Univision, France24, and Radio France Internationale.

“Ferris Wheel” comes off Sarah’s upcoming album “Whimsical Romance,” about the romantic story called life, and the ups and downs that come along with it. “Based on true stories, mixed with some fantastical exaggerations, the album covers the vast array of emotions that come along with relationships.” The video is enchanting just like Ragsdale herself.

Find Sarah Ragsdale Online:


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