Space Diaries Soar On New Release

space diaries


Space Diaries is a band from Los Angeles founded by Eddie Olguin in 2015 under the original moniker Sunset. In the year previous to this, Eddie had lost hope in the “band experience” (having dealt with the typical scenarios that accompany being in a band in L.A.) and after the disintegration of his last band he found himself navigating through a turbulent period in his life. He took time off and began writing songs that encapsulated the trials and tribulations he was facing.

Once he had composed a batch of songs, that he felt strong about, his desire to create a brotherhood with which he could play live was reborn. He reached out to friend and former bandmate, drummer Marty Witt (Death of a Star), and they embarked on the process of trying to complete the lineup. One year into this process (having gone through an ever changing roster) Eddie was ready to pull the plug as his frustration with L.A. musicians and their lack of commitment/drive resurfaced. Following the departure of the original guitarist, in a last ditch effort and purely for shits and giggles, Eddie posted an ad looking for a guitar player.

In comes Raymond Lacsamana who might as well have fallen from the heavens straight into Eddie’s hands. He was the first person to respond to the ad and Eddie never checked the ad again. Raymond stepped in and, with two weeks notice, helped the band perform a gig to which they were contractually bound. Soon after this show they parted ways with the bass player.

Raymond mentioned to Eddie that one of his idols, bass player Buwi Meneses (from multi-platinum bands Parokya ni Edgar and Franco) had just moved to Los Angeles and may be looking to start or join a project. On pure hope and a prayer Raymond reached out to Buwi and upon hearing some demos Buwi’s interest was piqued. From the first rehearsal, with Buwi, Eddie was convinced that this was the definitive lineup and that the band, since its inception, was finally complete.

They spent the latter half of 2016 working on new material and developing their unique sound (which they describe as Space-wave). In 2017 they headed into the recording studio, with producer Joseph Holiday, and recorded their debut, self-titled, EP.

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