Carter Lou & The Project Release “Evil Game”


Lead by Washington, D.C.-based musician Carter Louthian, Carter Lou & the Project’s beginnings stem from tragic circumstances. The night before he was set to go to college, Lou snapped: his two best friends had recently killed themselves a day apart, and his girlfriend had just broken his heart. Combined with the reality of the packaged post-college suburban life he was heading toward, he felt even more emptiness. He boldly told his parents that he wasn’t going to university in the morning and has chosen to pursue music instead. Since then, the band has packed out numerous headlining shows and earning a prestigious endorsement from PRS Guitars.

Carter Lou says of the track:

“‘Evil Game’ is about the moment I saw an ex for who they really were, and saw how they truly made me feel: a depressed, insecure and degraded version of myself. They were a person that all of my friends and family always mentioned not being fond of, but I always ignored their warnings. This song is me standing up for myself in a mentally abusive relationship and telling myself that I deserve better.”

Stream “Evil Game” here:

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