Lisa Marie Ellingsen Brings “A Little Help From Above”


“A Little Help From Above” is a nice, smooth track from Lisa Marie Ellingsen. The song opens with a soft acoustic guitar. It’s slow, and soothing, and kind of makes you want to start swaying back and forth. Soft vocals match the soft guitar playing. The beat is very calming. It brings out the feeling in the song. The track is about seeking help from God, which is very uplifting. The feeling is enhanced by the deeper harmonies that match Lisa’s voice. The lyrics are intense and beautiful. It evokes a feeling of peace, like she is finally accepting the fact that she needs to ask for help. Towards the end of the track, Lisa’s lyrics fade out. The guitar stays an extra 20 seconds, strumming slowly. The last strum of the chord is slower than the rest, and then it fades out to silence. It is the perfect ending to a smooth track like this one.

Give a listen to Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s “A Little Help From Above,” here:

Find more on Lisa Marie Ellingsen, including Nola to Noho, here:

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